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Fire Alarms & Detection System

Fire Alarms & Detection System

Fire Alarms & Detection System

Fire Alarms/Detection System

n Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007.
n IS 3218:2009 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings: System Design, Installation and Servicing.

To give greater assurance of reliability, correct servicing is essential. Normally an agreement should be made with a competent contractor or competent in-house resource for regular servicing. The agreement should specify the method of liaison to provide access to the premises. The name, telephone number and general contact details of the service provider shall be prominently displayed at the control and indicating equipment. The responsible person shall satisfy themselves as to the competence of the appointed service provider who should be able to formally demonstrate competence to provide the service offered. This provider should be certified by a Certification Body that is accredited by a member of the European Cooperation of Accreditation (EA).

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