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About Us

About Us

Total Fire Protection Ltd. is a licensed, registered and fully insured fire protection company. We are a team of highly trained specialists with many years experience in the field, and an in depth knowledge of all fire and safety related products, their uses and methods of installation.

The company is a member of the Fire Engineering Systems Association (
F.E.S.A.) and the Fire Industry Association of Ireland ( F.I.A.I.), and as such, we have undertaken to abide strictly by the guidelines set out under current Irish & European Standards and Regulations when servicing and installing all fire and safety equipment. All our engineers are licensed to operate under the terms of the Industry Association and carry, at all times, their Operators Licence Identity Card as proof of their qualification and competency.

Total Fire Protection Ltd. currently caters for many clients in high risk areas such as mining, petrochemical, construction, transport, aviation, healthcare, schools, commercial and industrial units, supermarkets and department stores. All our services/ maintenance work is carried out in strict accordance with Irish Standards 291 2002 and European Standard EN3. All vehicle extinguisher maintenance is carried out in accordance with current A.D.R. regulations and tags are marked accordingly. As part of our quality control assurance and guarantee we ensure that all equipment supplied to the customer is of the highest standard and fully compliant with IS2990/EN3/7. A Certificate of Compliance and a full Service Engineers Report is issued on completion of work. Included in this report is a list of all extinguishers on site, their fire point number, their type, size , location and service history. Any additional or replacement equipment is then listed as recommendations and presented to the relevant site manager. As part of the guarantee of quality, we carry out random QC inspections.

Total Fire Protection Ltd. has a rapidly growing customer base and has developed a proud reputation as a reliable and customer friendly organisation. We attend to our clients needs without question or delay and respond to all queries made regardless of their nature or level of importance. We are constantly working to improve how we do business in order to offer the best possible service, products and training available. Given our strict adherence to standards set out in IS291 2002 coupled with our policy of supplying only approved and tested equipment and our commitment to honour our duties, we believe we are offering the best value for money.

Services and Products



Total Fire Protection Limited are members of the Fire Industry Association of Ireland ( F.I.A.I.) and associate members of the Fire Engineering Systems Association ( F.E.S.A.)

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Fire Extinguishers save lives.

Fire Extinguishers save property.

Fire Extinguishers save jobs.

80% of all fires are extinguished by
people using Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Extinguishers are inexpensive
and easy to operate.

It takes less than 30 seconds for a small
flame to get completely out of control.

Smoke and toxic gases kill more
people than flames do.

Good house keeping and proper
training can prevent disaster


In accordance with current legislation and the Safety, Health & Welfare At Work Act 2007 all premises must have adequate fire protection equipment on site, and equipment must be serviced by a competent person on a regular basis. The guidelines for this are set out under Irish Standard 291 2002/EN3. [more...]


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Portable Fire Fighting Equipment:
Fire Extinguishers, Extinguisher Stands, Cabinets & Covers & Trolleys, Fire Hose Reels, Hose Cabinets, Replacement Hoses & Nozzles, Fire Blankets, Welding Blankets.


Brigade Equipment:
Stand Pipes, Key & Bar Set, Brigade Hoses, 3 Position Branch Nozzles, Equipment Cabinets.


Fire Detection:
Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection Systems, Fire Alarm Panels, Mains & Battery Operated Smoke Detectors, Site Alarms and Hand Operated Rotary Bells.


Safety Signage:
A full range of fire & safety signage to suit every requirement and all in compliance with the latest standards.


Fire Suppression Systems:


First Aid Supplies:


Fire and Safety Training:

Total Fire Protection Ltd. supply, install and service all the above mentioned equipment/systems. We offer nationwide coverage (32 counties). Surveys are carried out Free of Charge with no obligation thereafter. A full and comprehensive catalogue of our products and services can be viewed on this website.

Total Fire Protection

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