Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reels

Service of Fire Hose Reels.


As with all fire fighting appliances, Fire Hose Reels are subject to regular service and inspection. This needs to be carried out by a suitably trained and competent person. The minimum frequency is no less than once every twelve months.


Code of Practice/Standards;


BS 5306-1:2006. Code of Practice for fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises. Part 1 Hose Reels & Foam Inlets.

IS   EN 671-3:2009.  Fixed Fire Fighting Systems: Hose Systems, maintenance of hose reels with semi-rigid hose and hose systems with Lay Flat Hose.


Requirements of IS EN 671-3:2009


According to IS EN 671-3, regular checks of all hose reels and hose systems should be carried out by a suitably trained and competent person, ensuring that the hose reel or hose system is;


* Unobstructed and free from damage, and components not leaking or    showing signs of corrosion.

* Operating instructions are clear and legible.

* The location is clearly marked.

* All supporting brackets are secure and firmly fixed.

* The flow of water is steady and sufficient.

* Hose Drum rotates freely in both directions.

* Nozzle is correct type and easy to operate.