Suppression Systems


What is a Fire Suppression System?


Automatic Fire Suppression Systems control and extinguish fires without human intervention. They are most commonly found in Kitchens, Computer Server Rooms, Engine Rooms, and generally any area that is critical to the continuation of business, or areas that are not continuously manned or occupied. This way, in the event of an outbreak of fire, damage or harm to the area in question is very much limited.


There are many different types and many different brands of Fire Suppression Systems on the market today. However, although one or two of the bigger names have traditionally dominated the Irish market, this is no longer the case, with a number of options now available to the buyer. This, of course, means that the cost of installing and maintaining these systems has now been challenged, by the introduction to the market of an array of systems that meet all current requirements and comply with all regulations and standards, thereby, satisfying all insurance specifications.


Total Fire Protection Ltd., has been involved in the supply and installation of Fire Suppression Systems since its establishment in 2008, with engineers that have worked on these systems for many years prior to that. We will continue to source new and better products, in an effort to reduce the previously high cost involved in the supply and maintenance of these systems.


Should you have any queries, or indeed, wish to have a ‘No Obligation Site Survey’ carried out, we will happily have one of our engineers call to see you. We will then forward a quotation, after which, the choice is yours. Alternatively, if there is anything you are unsure about, and would like to talk to one of our representatives, please feel free to call us anytime on 01 8439449, or drop us a line at