What is a Fire Risk Assessment/Audit?


A Fire Risk Assessment is a systematic and critical evaluation of your premises, and the activities carried out there, for the purpose of determining the likelihood of a Fire occurring and causing harm to the people on and around the premises. Its purpose is to identify what action you need to take to prevent a Fire from occurring, and what action you need to take to ensure the safety of people on and around the premises, if a fire should occur.


Section 18(2) of the Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003 imposes a statutory duty of care on managers of premises, to take all reasonable measures to guard against an outbreak of Fire, and to prepare and provide appropriate Fire Safety Procedures, for ensuring the safety of persons on the premises.it is impossible to comply with Section 18(2), without undertaking a systematic assessment of the Fire Hazards & Risks associated with your premises.


Failure to comply with Section 18(2) can result in criminal prosecution and ‘A Fine Not Exceeding €130,000, Or to Imprisonment For A Term Not Exceeding 2 Years, Or Both,’ (2003 Amendment of Section 5 of Act of 1981). In addition, insurance is usually conditional on compliance with legal requirements.



What does a Fire Risk Assessment Involve?


To conduct the Fire Risk Assessment, we will visit your premises and undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the following;


  • Detecting Fire & Raising the Alarm.
  • Emergency Lighting.
  • Fire Doors & Compartmentation.
  • Fire-Fighting Equipment.
  • Management of Fire Safety & Record Keeping.
  • Fire Safety Policy & Procedures.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  • Fire Safety Signs & Notices.
  • Provisions for Vulnerable & Disabled Persons.
  • Staff Instruction, Drills, Training & Hazard Awareness.
  • Inspection & Maintenance Routines.
  • Means of Escape Provisions.
  • Fire Brigade Provisions & Liaison.
  • Flammable & Hazardous Substances Handling & Storage.
  • EICR (PIR) & PAT Testing Arrangements.
  • Arson Prevention Measures.
  • Fire Safety Legislative & Regulatory Compliance.



The completed Fire Risk Assessment will assess the adequacy of the existing Fire Precautions, and the need for any additional measures and procedures. The report will include comprehensive and clear findings that are easy to understand, covering all aspects of Fire Safety on your premises. It will include prioritized recommendations for action to rectify problem areas, and to strengthen existing Fire Safety Measures & Procedures.


We will consult with you on completion of the report, and will be available to answer any further questions you may have in relation to the content of the report.